Our mechanics, experts in the areas of mechanics and hydraulics, respect all instructions by the manufacturers, and are always up to date concerning technical progress and valid regulations.

- Installation / maintenance / repair of motors, inboard or outboard, diesel or petrol
- Installation / maintenance / repair of electrical generators
- Installation / maintenance / repair of propulsion systems
- Installation / maintenance / repair of hydraulic steering systems
- Check / overhaul of propellers, drive shafts, and gearboxes
- Winterizing / dewinterizing
- General maintenance tasks
- Fault diagnosis tics with computer


The durability of antifouling depends on its preparation and application. To guarantee a perfect result, there are specialists for preparation and for application in our team.There is a building especially reserved for the seworks, offering the technical equipment for guaranteeing a uniform application of the paint on the surface to be treated.

- Grinding work
- High pressure cleaning / hydro rubbing / classical sandblasting
- Application of filler and paint


- sanding- welding-resin sealing- painting - Polishing- antifouling
- Application of rust or corrosion protection, as treatment or prevention.


Our electricians are specialists for all kinds of power generation on boats. They master all aspects of electrical engineering to guarantee the safety of all electrical installations.

- Installation / changes of the wiring
- Fault diagnosistics
- Fault repair


The climatic conditions and navigation gradually deteriorate the different components of your boat. All year round, our team is offering a customized cleaning service for the interior and/or the exterior of your boat, be it at the start or at the end of the season, or whenever you feel the need for it (e.g. when you are offering your boat for sale).

- Interior cleaning: dust removal, cleaning of windows / tarpaulins
- Exterior cleaning: cleaning the hull / under water hull / bridge / tarpaulin